Dubai Corporate Video Shoot

We did a 4 day corporate shoot in one of the prestigious worldwide company with there office in One Central Dubai.

Dubai Festival City Mall Eid Al Adha Fireworks

Dubai Fireworks

Dubai Festival City Mall
Corporate Photo and Video Eid Adha event coverage
Eid Al Adha Fireworks Display

Despite the humid weather,  last night was just amazing! 
The weather forecast was 40 but it feels like 48 degrees Celsius at 38% humidity.


Check out our work at the official Dubai Festival City Mall Instagram page

We've been flying drones from more than 5 years already and very experienced already but since this is corporate shoot there were a lot of struggles for acquiring a drone professional icense, clearance, and permits, but the end result is worth it! FLYING WITH PERMIT HELPS! Especially in a NO FLY ZONE Category D. Dubai Festival City Mall is less than 4 kilometers from Dubai Airport.